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In addition to their great empathy, oOur team of business lawyers has many years of experience helping companies of all sizes navigate legal processes transactions in South Florida. We are fully committed to towards helping our clientsyou reaching their your goals and growth expectations. That is why, fFrom the very beginning, we dedicate our time and effort to build a relationship with our clientsget to know you, theiryour businesses, their challenges and theiryour goals; only by understanding our clients’ your needs we can, through a practical approach, assist our clients and give them the best advicewe advise you better. Our objective strength is to provide our clients with legal advice and creative solutions for their legal challenges to let them so you can have your full focus most of the time on growing their your business.
At SimplyLegal we support you our clients, among others, in the following matter, and mores:

➥  Non-profit organizations;  

➥  Drafting of formation documents for legal entities;

➥  Articles of incorporation/organization;

➥  By-laws;

➥  Non-disclosure agreements

➥  Term sheets, memorandums of understanding and letters of intent;

➥  Shareholder, operating, partnership agreements;

➥  Equity purchase agreements;

➥  Asset purchase agreements

➥  Commercial leases;

➥  Licensing agreements;

➥  Franchise agreements;

➥  Service/vendor agreements;

➥  Distribution agreements

➥  Asset purchase agreements

➥  Joint ventures;

➥  Equity incentive plans and any other applicable commercial agreement;

➥  Employment benefits, executive compensation  and other related agreements;

➥  Business registration;

➥  Business immigration,

➥  E, L, TN, H1B, EB, and O visas

➥  Labor certification

➥  Green card/permanent residency applications

➥  Trademark and copyright applications and assignments;

➥  Terms and conditions of service;

➥  Privacy Policies;

➥  Opinion letters;

➥  Business expansion and relocation assistance;

➥  Business and professional license application, renewals, and expedition;

➥  Negotiation of complex business transactions; 

➥  Purchase or sale of a business; and 

➥  International business transactions;

➥  M&A and Private equity;

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